Canandaigua Airport Endeavors to:

  • Facilitate transportation to the Finger Lakes. Offer business travelers, tourists, performers, political leaders and the community competitively priced, efficient aviation services at a well-maintained airport.
  • Support the needs of the aviation community. Have equipment and operators at the ready to handle all manner of general aviation activity, whether for aviation enthusiasts, charter traffic or corporate jets.
  • Create a unique, activity-rich destination for pilots, air travelers and the local community. Provide service, commerce and entertainment/leisure opportunities on par with other tourist attractions in the area.
A winter morning at Canandaigua Airport.

Canandaigua Airport wants to be the best part of your trip.

Who says an airport needs to be a drain on your energy, time and resources? Canandaigua Airport sees its future as an innovator and shining light of activity, industry and travel excellence.

The Ontario County Industrial Development Agency, the owner and operator of the Canandaigua Airport, welcomes the world to the Finger Lakes. Whether visiting for business, leisure or family, all are invited to experience just how useful an airport can be.

Mission Statement

Canandaigua Airport is a vital link in the local and national transportation system. Canandaigua Airport will:

  • Present a distinguished first impression
  • Encourage the region’s economic competitiveness
  • Collaborate with business partners and the local community
  • Provide competitive services and exceptional hospitality to all users

Vision Statement

The long-term objective of Canandaigua Airport is to become the aeronautical gateway to the Finger Lakes region.

Using a business model focused on customer service and hospitality, Canandaigua Airport will differentiate itself as an innovative focal-point for travelers, aviation enthusiasts and local residents alike. The planned construction of a well-designed, multi-use terminal building will open unlimited opportunity to the Canandaigua Airport and the surrounding area. Think: a bright, inviting, productive place to bring business; a flexible venue for important meetings, training sessions, or social gatherings. A restaurant and public greenspace situated near the flight line will provide additional opportunities for everyone to use and enjoy Canandaigua Airport.