Airfield Information and Policies:

Airfield Policies — Airport Rules and Regulations

    Airfield Environment
    Canandaigua Airport actively maintains its grounds. This includes the management of wildlife, foliage/grasses and debris on airport property.
    Drone Regulations and Permission
    All Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones must be operated under Part 107 Rules:
    • Any drone operation over 50 ft. Above Ground Level (AGL) and within 3 statute miles of Canandaigua Airport must receive permission from Airport Manager prior to flight.
    • Drones may not operate in the vicinity of runway approaches or traffic pattern area.
    • Drone operators must monitor CTAF Frequency 122.80 during flight operations.
    • A Notice to Airman (NOTAM) of drone operation will be issued by the Airport Manager 24 hours prior to drone operations.
    • Read: FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations, Part 107
    • Apply: UAS/Drone Usage Request, Canandaigua Airport
    Snow Removal Policy
    Snow Control: Canandaigua Airport will plow when there is a confirmed amount of snowfall. For special snow removal requests, call Bob Mincer, Canandaigua Airport General Manager, at 585-919-2772.

Canandaigua Airport (IUA) Ramp Diagram

Hangar Leasing

Long- and short-term hangar storage options available: Long-term leasing, seasonal arrangements, or transient parking opportunities. Heated or unheated; all located on airport property. Call to confirm current space, leasing options and available call-ahead services for stored aircraft.

Flight School

Certified Flight Instructors at M & S Air Service, Inc. can help you learn how to be a pilot. M & S Air Service, Inc. offers flight education at Canandaigua Airport for all skill levels. Schedule an air tour, introductory flight or personalized training for private pilot certification, commercial pilot certification, flight instruction, or instrument rating and tail wheel pilot training.

    Schedule Flight Training
  • Contact: Roger Tones, Chief Flight Instructor, M & S Air Service
  • Phone: 585-455-2185