Airfield Information and Policies:

Airfield Policies — Airport Rules and Regulations

    Airfield Environment
    Canandaigua Airport actively maintains its grounds. This includes the management of wildlife, foliage/grasses and debris on airport property.
    Drone Regulations and Permission
    All Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones must be operated under Part 107 Rules:
    • Any drone operation over 50 ft. Above Ground Level (AGL) and within 3 statute miles of Canandaigua Airport must receive permission from Airport Manager prior to flight.
    • Drones may not operate in the vicinity of runway approaches or traffic pattern area.
    • Drone operators must monitor CTAF Frequency 122.80 during flight operations.
    • A Notice to Airman (NOTAM) of drone operation will be issued by the Airport Manager 24 hours prior to drone operations.
    • Read: FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations, Part 107
    • Apply: UAS/Drone Usage Request, Canandaigua Airport
    Snow Removal Policy
    Snow Control: Canandaigua Airport will plow when there is a confirmed amount of snowfall. For special snow removal requests, call Bob Mincer, Canandaigua Airport General Manager, at 585-919-2772.

Canandaigua Airport (IUA) Ramp Diagram

Hangar Leasing

Long- and short-term hangar storage options available: Long-term leasing, seasonal arrangements, or transient parking opportunities. Heated or unheated; all located on airport property. Call to confirm current space, leasing options and available call-ahead services for stored aircraft.