Onsite Services and Amenities:

Fixed Base Operator: VAS Operations (VAS)

FBO Contact

FBO Services

    FBO Services
    • Aircraft Handling
    • Full Service and Self-serve Refueling – Phillips 66
    • Hangar Parking (limited)
    • Pilot Facilities
    • Ground Power Unit
    • De-Icing (Type I)
    • Ground Transportation (Rental and Crew Courtesy Car)
    • Catering Services
    • Rampside Passenger Pickup

    • VAS Operations Website – Call 585-394-4780 to confirm current fees.
    • VAS Online Pre-Arrival Form – Call 585-394-4780 to confirm specialized arrival requests.

FBO Hours

  • 7 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week. Discounts available.
  • Advance notice required to schedule after-hours service. A call-out fee applies.

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