February 2021: Your immediate help is needed on two identical bills in the NY legislature. Passage would add aviation to the state recreational use statute, which provides liability protections for landowners who allow others to use their land for recreational purposes such as hunting and hiking; as a result, private use airfield owners would be more likely to allow others to use their airfields for noncommercial aviation.

NY State Assembly Bill A5381
NY State Senate Bill S2578

On the detail page for each bill, look for “Do You Support This Bill” on the right-hand side of the screen: Click “Aye.” Your support and comments will let lawmakers know noncommercial and recreational aviation are important in New York State.

List of suggested comments:

  • Many airfield owners would like to allow others to use their airfields but are concerned about liability.
  • All forms of recreation are good for New York commerce, most especially aviation.
  • These airfields could allow access to other forms of recreation for families to enjoy such as hiking and camping in rural areas.  
  • There are far more of these private airfields than commercial airports – all at no cost to New York taxpayers. 
  • Other surrounding states have this protection for airfield owners as well as the majority of states.
  • These airfields are important in rural areas for emergency access in case of fire and rescue operations.

Supported by the Recreational Aviation Foundation.